How's your day?

Small talk is shared while a pizza is delivered
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The Mustache

A man tries to convince himself to change up the style of his mustache
 Writer | Actor | Editor

Death of a saleswoman

It was really nice of Susanne's boss to speak at her funeral
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Future You

A Time Traveler attempts to prevent something truly horrid 
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A team of dedicated News Anchors deliver the news, no matter what the story
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climactic end scene

It's the end of the movie. Tensions are high and guns are raised.
Actor | Writer

the truth about

the vaccine

A chronicle of what happens to a man after he takes the COVID-19 Vaccine
Writer | Actor | Editor

Good Samaritans

On a hot summer day, two good samaritans attempt to help a poor boy trapped inside a locked car
Writer | Actor | Editor

When your parents sing in the car

Dad turns on the radio
Director | Writer | Actor | Editor

silent night for the tuba

A boy practices his tuba
Director | Writer | Actor 

In the mood for food

An internet food critic changes the fricken' game for his new show
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